About IBF

Established in 2020, Indonesia Biru Foundation (IBF) is an independent organization doing coral reef research, restoration, and coastal communities development. It is our vision is to increase the marine literacy of Indonesian citizens. Our main approach is science but we also work together with a lot of local communities to integrate scientific findings for practical use in the field. We are based in a paradise island, Lombok – Bali’s neighboring island to the east.


We are a group of a like-minded people

Andre Saputra

Has a dream to build a marine research center in Indonesia. Major interest in earth and marine science.

Airlangga Satya
(Head of Creative)

A chemist with a deeper interest in digital marketing and local community empowerment.

Rahadian Hasnadi

Senior dive instructor who has the passion to explore and be involved in protecting the environment.

(Site Coordinator)

An ocean kid with more than ten years of experience in marine tourism. Born and raised on a tiny island called Gili Air.


  1. Capacity building through research
  2. Help economic improvement for coastal community
  3. Dissemination of information to general public